The Game Changers Academy program is able to collaborate with numerous experts from various industries. Each module is complemented with a guest appearance of fascinating people who have done something outside of the box, against the existing patterns and beliefs. We have called them Game Changers because they are trendsetters in their respective industries. On a daily basis, they function beyond the existing boundaries and in line with themselves, questioning common and evident patterns of behavior. All our guests, experts and game changers have the choice to appear in the chosen module of the Academy, which enables genuine transfer of knowledge between guests and participants and makes the Game Changers Academy program even more realistic.

The visiting guests range from experts with considerable experience within their area of expertise to young people only starting their professional experience who have already accomplished something exceptional. We invite people from the world of business, public sector and nonprofit organizations who are bold enough to change their operational models in accordance with the assumption expressed by one of our guests from Unilever: ‘If you are not ashamed of your product, it means that it is too late for the product.’ As for the choice of the guests, as well as participants, we opt for diversity and therefore our guests represent a broad spectrum of personalities and environments. At every meeting, we are equally impressed by their openness as they willingly share their experience in implementing and leading organizations through change, talk about their businesses and, additionally, are ready to answer frank questions. If you would like to regularly receive a fair dose of knowledge, inspiration and tools that our Game Changers guarantee, you can join the next annual development program – GCA Master of Business Change – that is about to start in March 2021. An alternative is to opt for the GCA Essentials program – an academy program especially dedicated to your organization where you can also meet our guests, experts, and Game Changers.

Who, in particular, can you meet when attending events organized by Game Changers Academy? Please visit our experts panel for more details.

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