Since 2017, Game Changers Academy organizes open meetings to promote and discuss modern management. The first meeting, organized for managers, team leaders, department directors, CEO’s and managing partners, focused on the subject of business transformation. The meeting combined expertise with know-how, experience and interactions among participants. The event was called The Game of Business Evolution – it was a workshop addressed to leaders of digital transformation. When planning the event, we took into consideration, as we usually do, current management trends and challenges. The concept of digital transformation and pairing corporations with start-ups has been proven to be a valuable business tactic.

It demonstrates one of the most important characteristics and goals of meetings organized by Game Changers Academy – to educate the market and create a venue to exchange knowledge among practitioners, experts, and theoreticians. The series The Game Of… has become an unmissable rendezvous for modern management enthusiasts and fans of the newest trends in the field of leader competency. Those who follow contemporary scientific research and those who instinctively pave the way for new methods to implement change or projects, to manage teams – they can all be met at our meetings. Everyone is welcome because the strength and value of Game Changers Academy is diversity. This value can also be seen in the form of our events – from large-audience meetings at conferences, through more intimate thematic master class meetings to partially open modules of our yearly GCA Master of Business Change academy.

Participants of our development programs – change leaders – can take part in all our initiatives free of charge. That is why the Club of Game Changers Academy Leaders is now a large network including professors, doctors, CEO’s, managers, and leaders who have the ambition to overcome cliches and successfully implement even the most complex changes. Our events are dedicated to all those who wish to change their organizations, look for inspirations related to modern management and those who wish to develop in the spirit of experiential learning. Throughout the pandemic, our events have taken place online. This format was completely new to all of us at the beginning of 2020 but has become familiar and we can be proud of our successful interactive meetings in this new format.

We invite you to watch recordings from several Game Changers Academy event. If you have been inspired by our approach and method, please contact us, and take part in our meetings. We strongly believe in the force of partnerships and the combination of know-how with cross-industry activities.

If you have an idea for collaboration or wish to join the circle of Game Changers Academy partners – contact us at