Game Changers Academy Offer

The first development program Game Changers Academy Master of Business Change addressed to leaders and their teams started in 2018. Since then a lot has happened. We have conducted numerous meetings for team leaders, project managers, division directors and all those who deal or are responsible for change and transformation processes in organizations. Our meetings have taken the form of more intimate gatherings as GCA Masterclass on Leader’s Self-Awareness as well as more spectacular undertakings such as The Game of Business Evolution or The Game of People Development with over 200 participants. Today in the time of hybrid reality we conduct both online and face-to-face traditional meetings. The fourth edition of the academy for leaders and their teams is going g to start in 2021 and will be conducted online. In the current pandemic times we strive to support leaders in facing strategic change which wasn’t planned or prepared but forced its way to the organization. On the other hand, we know from our clients and program participants how important the team spirit and sharing a common experience is. That is why in the fourth edition of the program we consider the possibility to meet face-to-face, depending on the epidemic situation. Our other programs  – GCA Essentials and GCA Power Shot – are organized in accordance with client’s preferences regarding the duration and form of the meetings.

When it comes to GCA Essentials – academies dedicated to one organization – we have successfully conducted development programs for, among others, the financial, technology, assurance and telecom industries. What makes GCA Essentials unique and versatile is the possibility to adjust its program to the organization. The agenda and pace takes into account the needs and availability of participants. The program is created basing on managers’ individual challenges and strategic goals of the organization.

GCA Power Shot – our youngest off-spring is meant as energetic and dynamic meetings for top executives. It is the essence of our approach: intensive minimalism. GCA Power Shots include in a condensed manner all the 3 fixed elements of Game Changers Academy: interactive experience with a business game or activity; workshop and inspiration – its form and duration agreed beforehand with the client basing on genuine needs and expectations. GCA Power Shots are realized in collaboration with a team of practitioners, consultants and experts working with top executives and advising top managers from corporations, start-ups and NGO’s that need assistance in the form of competence volunteering. Below you will find more details about each of our development experience addressed to leaders and their teams.

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