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An efficient 21st Century manager is able to establish a collaboration system among employees and create a work environment that will facilitate the accomplishment of common goals. Bearing in mind the well-being of the team as a whole and individual needs of its members, we have created GCA Managerial Trainings. It is a set of managerial trainings designed by our experts and dedicated to team leaders with various people management experience.

What makes our approach unique is building the strength of the team on individual talents of each team member. The training cycle and teambuilding starts with mapping talents, and managers are instructed on how to manage these talents in order to make the best of the team’s potential. 

In our trainings we teach how to adjust the strategy and actions to a particular situation and what appropriate tools to apply. 

Game Changers Academy managerial trainings are aimed at mastering the skills required to manage a team. Programs included in GCA Managerial Trainings focus on strengthening participants’ proactive approach and providing leaders with practical managerial tools that can be used also in changing conditions.

The subjects and structure of our managerial trainings are based on common challenges that organizations have to face. We adjust them to particular needs within 3 areas that have been predefined:


- building engagement,
- motivating,
- talent management,
- establishing goals and task delegation,
- conversations with employees,
- project management,
- change management


- efficient communication,
- assertiveness,
- giving constructive feedback,
- public presentations,
- negotiations,
- conducting meetings


- time and efficiency management,
- management of one’s own development and career,
- stress management,
- strategic thinking

At Game Changers Academy we apply interactive methods of work based on experiential learning. Managerial trainings are planned so that participants can make the best use of their time with the trainer.

What can you expect when choosing a managerial training from the Management ABC offer, in other words what we guarantee and how we work with top executives?

  • Online (5h/1 module) or Offline (1 day /1 module)
  • Training modules are conducted every 3-4 weeks
  • Program kick-off meeting – integration workshop enabling participants to get to know each other, present the program and identify development needs
  • Pre-work online – introduction to the topic of the workshop and identification of challenges
  • Post-work online – implementation task – training on the job
  • Practical materials – toolbox of a manager – to be used immediately after the workshop.
  • A dedicated content trainer who supervises the whole process, which guarantees a coherent program, adjusted to the reality of the organization and its changing needs.
  • A dedicated program coordinator who takes care of all the organizational matters such as lists, transfer of materials and communication with participants.

Game Changers Academy philosophy in managerial trainings

Game Changers Academy managerial trainings are trainings of skills in games and simulations, acquisition of practical tools to apply after the training and exchange of experiences among participants. These elements combined together strengthen the motivation to change habits and implement new tools in the everyday reality.

Assumptions of our method and approach to managers’ development:

Based on participants’ strengths and good practices present in the organization – gathering them and spreading among managers. Appreciating diversity, one’s own and others’ talents motivates development and overcomes standard patterns of behavior.

Learning from each other, mutual support, and exchange of good practices. Besides the individual development of each participant the added value is building an integrated team of managers within the organization.

Experiential learning (the game method) and action learning – a quick transfer of outcomes from workshops into the business reality of participants. We use training games and business simulations as well as other experiential learning methods to make the learning process more engaging and efficient.

Team of trainers

The strength of Game Changers Academy lies in the team of interdisciplinary experts, trainers, academics, and business practitioners. Thanks to the synergy of multiple competencies and fields we are able to design training programs that take into account the best practices and newest studies in management. 

Managerial trainings don’t involve only one trainer but a team of content experts. Our trainers have business and management experience as well as special academic backgrounds in education and working with people. The team of trainers is selected at the beginning of the program in accordance with the subject of modules chosen and the specificity of the group.

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We have been conducting managerial trainings for several years now. Those who worked with us recommend Game Changers Academy for the following reasons:

Nhood – for some time we have cooperated within the area of improving soft and managerial skills of our teams. Each project was conducted with attention and care, taking into account our needs. Trainings conducted in a very engaging manner (numerous games and business simulations) were highly rated by our managers and all participants, both in terms of content and organization. I would particularly recommend the professional and enthusiastic team of trainers with which we collaborated during the program. I highly recommend Game Changers Academy to companies in search of professional and engaging trainings for their teams.

Ada Andrzejuk HR Leader, Nhood

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