Development programs for leaders and their teams attract change enthusiasts along with the skeptical ones for whom change is a synonym for trouble and risk of failure. Game Changers Academy combines the two perspectives in the search of the golden middle. What does it mean? We strive to include different perspectives and experiences related to change implementation by inviting to the program corporate representatives, team leaders, managers, division directors, strategy and new business managers as well as representatives of the public sector (NGO’s). What’s worth mentioning is that this association of different worlds (business and non-profit sector) is particularly appreciated by participants of GCA Master of Business Change. Below we present testimonials from our graduates.

Game Changers Academy supplies tools to build and manage a group, to deal in a structured way with difficult situations that are unavoidable after the introduction of any change.

Małgorzata StężyckaHR Manager, The Heart (2019)

It was a unique opportunity to acquire practical skills that are required nowadays in the labor market.

Bogusław TobiaszRegional IT & Digital Innovation, Director CEE, BAYER (2019)

I particularly appreciated the module with the Gallup test. You can look at different personalities and their role in a team, more in-depth than before. Many of the things I learned here have been implemented in the company. And they work!


Michał KrygierSales Director, Board Member Unilever Polska (2019)

I definitely recommend GCA for those who are looking for ‘a new perspective’ and ‘motivation’. The program offers the opportunity to look at many of our professional matters from a different perspective. On the other hand, discussions, panels and the games are a great source of inspiration which influence the way we perceive our environment and show us alternative ways of development.  For me, the time I participated in GCA was very interesting because I was involved then in the creation of a new company within our group.

Right after the end of GCA I joined one of our companies located in Romania and I’m still there.

Michał LejaCFO, Board Member Omniasig VIG (Vienna Insurance Group)

The module I remember most is The Leader’s Self-Awareness. The name doesn’t sound very business-like but it has left a mark on me and taught me the manner in which I should collaborate and communicate with people from different levels of the organization and those outside of it.

The whole program was a surprise to me as from the very beginning it looked different than all the programs I has participated before. I recommend taking part in it to all the people who want to experience something new, meet fantastic people and have time for reflection that we all miss in our everyday rush.

Łukasz BałkowiecRegional Consulting Director South East Europe, SAS

For me the very beginning, i.e. the session with my mentor was crucial. At the first meeting we established together the goal of my participation in the academy. (..) What I also appreciated were the games because while playing them I could experience new things in a natural way. I could learn how to get out of my comfort zone and experience changes.

Katarzyna ZawodzińskaMarketing Manager , Unilever

When joining Game Changers Academy, I was interested in and open to new challenges, new information. I wasn’t disappointed and had what I expected – the possibility to meet people with completely different business experience and working in different industries. It was very interesting to exchange opinions during modules. The way in which workshops were conducted was also inspiring because what differentiates it from other programs are the games. Thanks to the program, I have acquired some tools that I can and have already used.

Paweł GizaVice President of the Board, Nationale-Nederlanden